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What You Really Need to Know About Juicing

I’m fired up today!

This morning I was reading one of my favorite fitness magazines and came across something that got me really fired up! It wasn’t that it was wrong, it was just completely one-sided. It stated 3 things to know before you start a juice cleanse:
– You aren’t flushing out toxins – your system has an automatic function
– You are only losing water weight  or gain it back right away
– You’ll feel like you have the flu – flu-like side effects are common and it could even trigger an eating disorder

Here’s what I have to say about that: False. False. And, well, true.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t give you the whole truth OR the real reasons to partake in a juice cleanse. And this problem happens often.
There is a simple reason for this – Changes are hard. Food is a touchy subject. Changes in the way you think about food? That can bring up a lot of sh–stuff. It’s ok – change is hard and food is touchy subject right? Put them together and that is enough to trigger anyone’s defense response.
Unfortunately, it also leaves you, the consumer, with a lot of untrue and misleading information. GMO’s, juices, organics, dairy – the list goes on. Continue reading


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Detox Yoga Series Week 4: Core, Floor and More

Spring is here! It’s time for warm weather, fresh produce, and lots of time outside. It also means moving out of our winter hibernation and back into the world – which calls for a little more energy and maybe even a shedding of some winter, well, layers.

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Springtime Allergy Relief

Every spring my sinuses go a little haywire. I used to have absolutely no worries, in fact it was my bro that practically had to stay indoors every Spring. But as I got older and moved around, my sinuses and allergies started to transform. Here’s the thing I’ve always been a “sneezer” – someone who just sneezes 4-5 tomes in a row for no reason – or so I thought, until my doctor informed me that wasn’t a thing. It was called allergies. Mild but still there.

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