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Springtime Allergy Relief

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Every spring my sinuses go a little haywire. I used to have absolutely no worries, in fact it was my bro that practically had to stay indoors every Spring. But as I got older and moved around, my sinuses and allergies started to transform. Here’s the thing I’ve always been a “sneezer” – someone who just sneezes 4-5 tomes in a row for no reason – or so I thought, until my doctor informed me that wasn’t a thing. It was called allergies. Mild but still there.

Those pesky allergies are the reason for my once in a while sinus pressure and my random sneeze fits. But here’s the good news, with a few “alternative” practices, my sinuses feel pretty good and I barely sneeze anymore – and when I do, I know it’s just because I need to gear up for the allergy season. And the same for my brother.

So whether you have mild or major allergies, there are a few things you can do, so you don;t have to hibernate or walk around in a sneezy, teary, foggy-headed state.

Want to know my favorite tools?

Neti pots.

They seem to be all the rage lately, from the good factors to the bad. You may have seen them on the news, on the internet, or read an article about the wonders of the Neti pot. So what’s the deal with them any way? Why the sudden buzz?

Because they are simple and they work.

Neti Pots have been the rage for thousands of years, dating back to the beginnings of Ayurveda – a sister science to yoga. So what does all this mean?
Ayurveda is the original Medicinal system in India. It came about WAY before electricity, x-rays, blood tests, etc, but used the way a person looked, how they reacted seasonally, their pulse (crazy but true and so cool!), and their digestion to look at health. In the winter, skin gets dry. In the summer, people get overheated. In the spring, we need to release water retention to stay energized, and when we don’t – boom- sinuses go crazy.
If you are prone to sinus infections or allergies, the ancient tool or the neti pot might come in handy for you. Here’s how – it flushes out your sinus cavity, so all of the clogged, snotty mucus gets pushed out. If you have severe allergies, it probably won’t make them 100% better but it will help you breathe easier without steroids, nasal sprays, or over-the-counter foggy-head-meds.
And you know what? When you feel better, less foggy, and more awake – you feel energized, healthy, light, and free – aka detoxed and cleansed.
Head over to today’s video to watch a fun demo of the neti pot and see how you can get started!


Like what you watched?

Are you going to try it? Give it a shot! You might find it a fun or funny experience 😉

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I’ll see you there!

Peace and Love,


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