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The Inside Scoop: Workshops vs Classes

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This weekend, I taught a yoga workshop to an amazing group of students and teachers. And you know what happened?

I felt pumped! Stoked! Purely Authentic.

And I remembered how much I love teaching students, so they can learn deeply and take their newfound knowledge into their own lives.

Here’s the insider secret: The difference in a workshop and a class varies greatly. When you  teach  a workshop or Master Class, you really get to teach, explain, listen, and both sides learn a lot. In classes, this part can often get bumped aside or lessened a bit. But in a workshop there is time for questions, for absorbing the information, and time to really dig deep into the material. Workshops are really where the big changes can happen for most students. 

That’s the best part of yesterday – people got something out of it. Not because of me, but because they were ready for the info. They were eager and ready to soak up some new knowledge and make a change in their lives. And all of this just from a couple of hours on their yoga mat.

When you think about how wonderful a workshop can be, in only two hours, it starts to put into perspective how life changing a 10-day, 21-day, 30-day, etc. program can be. Especially if it is guided by a teacher or coach who can help you uncover all the knowledge you have and need along the way.

Because that is really what an online (or offline!) program really is. It’s a continuous workshop for that specific topic – yoga, exercise, rehab, running, meditation, cleansing, etc – that will not only change you for the days you are in the middle of it, but for all the days beyond.

And all you have to do is be ready to make a change.

This is what you’ll do in the 10 Day Spring Cleanse.

Yeah, we are juicing, detoxing, working out, and clearing out thoughts. But we are also taking it deeper to make changes in all of these areas. BIG changes that are made from learning, implementing, and growing a bit. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes, it is really hard, but not matter what – if you are ready – the changes will begin to sink in, settle in, and change your life for the better.

If you are ready to make a change in your life – Shed some layers (physical and mental), relax a little, detox and cleanse, learn a new skill set – then you are ready for this workshop event – The 10-day Spring Cleanse online program.

Sign up today to reserve your spot.


It will change your world.

Peace and Love,


Author: thehouseofhealthy

Hi! I'm Jessi Andricks, the founder of The House of Healthy. My passion is helping people regain their health and energy through whole, plant-based food; mind-body fitness; and holistic lifestyle habits. I offer one-on one, group, and online health coaching services. Check out my recipes and workouts and sign up for the weekly newsletter, where I feature even more healthy living tips and programs. My goal is to help you to live the happy, healthy life you deserve!

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