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Book Review: Feng Shui Simply AND a blog update for 2014

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Over the summer, I received a book from Hay House Publishers called Feng Shui Simply, Change Your Life by the Inside Out, by Cheryl Grace. And then I didn’t give you the review.

With moving, manuscripts, and the holidays, I fell behind a bit. But today I finally have for you the review of this fun and helpful book.

Feng Shui Simply

**FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product

Feng Shui Simply  is a Feng Shui guide for your house, to help you declutter not only your home, but your life and the energy around you. Cheryl Grace maps out the principles of Feng Shui in a simple and easy to understand format. She not only talks about the ways to Feng Shui your decor, but also how to Feng Shui your thoughts, beliefs, and life.

In the decor sections, she maps out the specific rooms, areas, and energies in your home and how you can improve them, even if your home might not be in the most efficiently Feng Shui layout. For example, if your wealth center of your home is located in your bathroom instead of your office, she talks about ways you can rearrange in both your office and bathroom to stop “flushing money down the toilet”.

I really enjoyed the specific details and techniques used throughout this book, and even incorporated a few in our move, including placing a plant and vision board on the corner of my desk since my office is in the “Love” corner of the house, not the wealth, reputation, or career center.

If you are at all interested in Feng Shui or energy shifts in your own home or life, this book is easy to follow and makes Feng Shui simply accessible to all.


With a New Year, I am excited to tell you about a few new opportunities I have had that will be coming up on the blog in the next few weeks and months. IN addition to the current book reviews, I have also had the amazing opportunity to read and preview several upcoming ew release, as well as get some of the inside scoops on the books from their authors. During the next few months and weeks, I will be featuring a Review and Interview Series with these upcoming topics, ranging from yoga, to food, to lifestyle. I am so excited to share all of these with you!

Also 100 days 100 poses has wrapped up! Thank you to everyone who joined in. It was so much fun a so inspiring to see all the yogis participating, posing, reaching out, and most importantly, spreading the YOGA LOVE!

Thank you and let’s make this a fun-filled 2014!

Peace and Love,


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