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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Ah, the Super Bowl. 4+ hours filled with snacks, drinks, commercials, and, oh yeah, football ๐Ÿ˜‰

While I can’t make any changes to the football or the commercials (hopefully they are good this year!), I can give you a few more snacks to help spice up your snacks this year – and to make them a bit healthier in the process. Continue reading

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Snacks to Swap

It’s a blustery, possibly snow day here, and I know for many of you in the States, it’s been snowing for quite awhile now. But no worries! While you are stuck inside, curl up under a blanket, watch your favorite shows and movies, try ย new at home workout, and read a book or your favorite blog. And when you are tired of curling up on the couch, head to your pantry to check out your snacks. Continue reading

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Book Update and Outtakes

Hi Folks! No real blog today – I’ll be back tomorrow with your weekly healthy living tip. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you get in on all the fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until then, I thought I would update you on the book and show you a few outtakes. I am diving deeper and deeper into the editing, indexing, and photo editing process as the manuscript is due this Friday. Yikes! For now, I’m going into hibernation mode.

Here are a few snaps – some silly, some serious, and some downright delicious: Continue reading