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Fall In Love with Food for the Holidays

For many people, the holidays become that time of year when you know you are going to gain weight, so you either a) Say “F*** it!” and throw all healthy choices out the window, gaining many pounds which slowly build year after year, OR b) You stick to a super strict eating program and feel guilty about any indulgences, IF you let yourself have one.
But there has got to be a better way.
What if instead, you just shifted your mindset slightly, changing up a few words in your mental narrative and instead, indulged smartly, while maintaining Health AND enjoying the holiday season?
The key is to change what you tell yourself about food. Instead of looking at it purely as a way to gain or lose weight, look at food in terms of your WHOLE health and how it affects it – not just your waistline, but your stress levels, digestion, and more.
It just might be as simple as changing our inner dialogue from “I can’t have this food. What will this food do TO me?” to a simple “I would like to have this food. What will this food do FOR me?”. In today’s video, we’ll explore how to do this, why to try it, and what it means to truly be healthy this holiday season.

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Hi! I'm Jessi Andricks, the founder of The House of Healthy. My passion is helping people regain their health and energy through whole, plant-based food; mind-body fitness; and holistic lifestyle habits. I offer one-on one, group, and online health coaching services. Check out my recipes and workouts and sign up for the weekly newsletter, where I feature even more healthy living tips and programs. My goal is to help you to live the happy, healthy life you deserve!

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