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Resolutions vs Intentions

It’s almost a new year which means resolutions and changes might be on your mind. This week, we’ll talk a bit about resolutions and why it might be better to forgo the annual resolution setting. Oftentimes, we set resolutions with little or no intentions of keeping them. We either set them because we think we need to, or we set our goals WAY to high, knowing that reaching and maintaining that goals is nearly impossible. All of these lead to self-doubt, fear building, and an overall increase in negativity.
Not really what you are looking for to start off your year, is it? Continue reading

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DIY Lettuce Wraps

Happy Post-Christmas season! Even though Christmas is over, you might still be celebrating the holidays for another week or so, before getting back to the January 1st resolutions and your regular routine. Next week we’ll talk about resolutions, but today I thought we’d start with a post-Christmas recipe. Continue reading

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Weekly Workout: Power Moves Video

Happy workout day! And Merry Christmas Eve!

I don’t know about you, but the end of the year just seems to get busier and busier – like everything I have been procrastinating on over the year is finally culminating into the end of the year and it ALL has to get finished. In reality, this is on no way true. I just have more things going on at this time of the year (many of them more fun things!) and in January, the good times will keep rolling – as will the work. Good thing I love my job 🙂

Thankfully, I get to eat healthy and workout as part of my job, but there are times when I also sit at a computer all day and need a little boost to get moving again. And when time is short, sometimes a quick, invigorating, energy burst is all I need to feel like I got in an hour long session.

Sometimes this manifests as a quick yoga practice, an energy flow class, or a jog around the block. But sometimes it turns into an ultra quick 10 minute(ish) session using powerful, functional moves.

Today I’ll share for you the video version of the Power Moves workout. I shared with you some pictures and descriptions back in July, but today you can follow along as we kick it up a notch together!

What is your favorite way to get moving? What quick, efficient workouts do you love? Leave a comment below and lets keep the discussion rolling!

Peace, Love, and Happy Holidays,