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Wednesday Workout: Detox and Digest Core Workout

Happy Wednesday Workout!

And happy day before Thanksgiving! Many of you might already be starting to cook, bake, and indulge, so today we have a detoxifying, digestion enhancing, and core toning workout that incorporate some simple seated moves with your breath. Continue reading

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DIY: Healthy Holiday Eats and Treats Guide PLUS Exclusive IIN Gluten Free Holidays

I wanted to thank you all for your support and encouragement with both the Detox 101 book and the 28 Day Program. I promise to post more about the book next week. For now you can check out more information on Detoxing from the FREE teleseminar replay (from earlier this year) and check out the 28 Days to a Healthier You program page and sneak peek. Continue reading

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BIG Announcements!!

I know I have been stringing you along for a few weeks now, making promises about some BIG announcements that are to come. And today is, finally, the day.

I have not one, but TWO, announcements for you. Want to find out what they are? I promise you won’t want to miss out on these;)

Check out the video for the official announcement.  All I will say for now is stay tuned 2014 is going to be fun and full of ways to live the happy, healthy life you deserve!

Tune in tomorrow for some holiday DIY extravaganzas!

Peace and Love,


PS For that sneak peek at the program, you can check it out here or on the program page.