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All-Natural Rehydrating and Replenishing Drink

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Gatorade? Powerade? Your favorite Sports Drinks? 

Sure these have electrolytes, but did you also know they contain harsh preservatives, chemicals, food coloring, and tons of dehydrating sugar?

The electrolytes in your drinks, along withteh water in them, will indeed hydrate you, but the rest of it will contribute to your toxic build up and could leave you feeling much worse in the long run. But there are times where you sweat out more than just water. You sweat out salt, potassium, and you burn up many of your bodies nutrients.
So what to do when water just won’t cut it?

You can always turn to all-natural hydrators with no chemicals, no preservatives, and no added colors or flavors.

Today I will share with you my  favorite all-natural hydrators to get you up and going after event the most intense sweat sessions.
Click on the video below to learn more on how you can start to live the healthy, happy life you deserve. Without deprivation.

What is your favorite way to rehydrate? Leave a comment below!

Peace and Love,


Author: thehouseofhealthy

Hi! I'm Jessi Andricks, the founder of The House of Healthy. My passion is helping people regain their health and energy through whole, plant-based food; mind-body fitness; and holistic lifestyle habits. I offer one-on one, group, and online health coaching services. Check out my recipes and workouts and sign up for the weekly newsletter, where I feature even more healthy living tips and programs. My goal is to help you to live the happy, healthy life you deserve!

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