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Vegan BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

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On our recent trip, we stopped at some fantastic veg-friendly restaurants along the eastern US. We ate at a vegetarian/vegan diner in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a ton of Thai restaurants in New England. We also went out of our way to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in Raleigh, NC.

With all of these new foods and veg-friendly takes on some former favorites, I felt inspired to try a few new recipes at home.

That combined with not having very many foods left in the house once we got home from vacation, led me to try out a Vegan BBQ Tempeh Sandwich.

And it was a hit.

Vegan BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Vegan BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Makes about 2 sandwiches

1 package of tempeh

3 tbsp Smoky BBQ sauce

1 tbsp ketchup

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tbsp diced sweet or red onions

Your favorite bread or bun (if you need to, make it gluten-free!)

olive oil for pan (just enough to lightly cover your pan)

Cut your tempeh into two square-shaped blocks. Then thinly slice lengthwise, so you end up with thin 2X2 slices, almost like you are cutting/shaving a chicken breast (sorry for the analogy). 

Heat olive oil in a pan and add tempeh on medium-high heat. 

Whisk together BBQ sauce, ketchup, maple syrup, onions, and vinegar. Pour over the tempeh. You can make a second batch if you want a little dipping sauce, or like things extra saucy 😉

Flip tempeh to coat in sauce. Heat thoroughly. While the tempeh is cooking, toast your bread/buns. 

Afterwards, start to assemble. Bread, half the tempeh, maybe some extra sauce, and another piece of bread. Due to the lack of greens in this sandwich, I paired mine with a mixed green salad with a maple-mustard vinaigrette (recipe to come soon!).

Enjoy. Get messy. Have napkins close by. 

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