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DIY Coffee Ice Cream

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And the moment you’ve been waiting for…DIY is back!

I joke.

But it is nice to have a DIY post ready for you. And yes, its ice cream, again.

I was inspired by my Grandma while on vacation. We were talking about ice cream and how her favorite flavor was coffee ice cream. For all you New Englanders, this is probably a very familiar flavor. I blame Dunkin’ Donuts. But for you southerners, it might be a bit unheard of. But trust me, it’s good.

You now how sometimes you might add a little sugar/sweetener and a little vanilla creaminess to your coffee until it ┬átastes more like a dessert than a drink? Well it’s like that but frozen and much, much healthier for you. Plus you get the coffee taste without too much caffeine or jitters. And since coffee is very acidic aka bad for bones and inflammation, you can still have the flavor of coffee, without the huge pH imbalance.

YOU’ll need some cold or iced coffee to start and a bunch of frozen bananas. And that’s it.

I made cold pressed coffee, via Oh She Glows recommendations, but you can always make regular coffee and stick it in the fridge. I recommend making it extra strong, almost double the amount of coffee grounds you would normally use. And cold pressed does taste a little stronger, so if you can, give it a try.

For the bananas, just simply peel some bananas (I used about 5), place them in a freezer safe bag or container, and freeze overnight.

DIY Coffee Ice Cream:

Makes quite a few servings!

5-7 frozen bananas

1/2 cup super strong cold coffee (more or less depending on your blender and the consistency you prefer)

Place bananas in blender with a few tbsp of coffee. Blend and check consistency. If a little thick or not quite “coffee” tasting, add a little more coffee until you are satisfied. Place in a freezer safe container and freeze until for about an hour. The bananas will turn a little brown in the freezer, but it just adds to the coffee-ness of the treat.

Scoop and enjoy!

Keep the remaining portion frozen until you are ready to eat. Let it thaw for about 3-5 minutes so it is scoopable again.

And as always, topping with sustainably-sourced, vegan chocolate chips is a fantastic and delicious option!

Coffee Ice Cream


Have a wonderful weekend! And remember to sign up for the upcoming teleseminar on Tuesday, July 23rd at 8pm! It’s all about detoxes and cleanses and how to do them without feeling deprived.


Peace and Love,


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