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Road to Running Routine

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Last year at this time, I was taking it easy and finishing up my training for the upcoming Charleston half marathon. It is coming up again this weekend, but for many reasons I will not be running in it – more on that another time. It does have me reminiscing, however, about my pathway to the half marathon.

As a child, I was NOT a runner. I did everything in my power to not run – including, crying, writing reports, failing the “mile” in gym. It was just not my thing- until I was about 21. Then I finally figured out how to run. I had been using the elliptical and walking the treadmill on an incline, but I was becoming consistently more and more bored, and less challenged. I honestly felt that my body had become to used to walking and was ready for the next step. I would try running, but couldn’t get very far at first. My friend suggested a routing to me, and this is what really helped me learn how to run…all the way to 13.1 mile 7 years later!

Road to Running Routine

Set the treadmill between 3.5 and 4.0 for you walking pace, 6.0-6.5 for your running pace. Let the incline be 0. You cool down after 20 minutes or take the option and extend to 40 minutes.

Minutes 1-5:

Walk 4 minutes, run1

Minutes 6-10

Walk 3, run2

Minutes 11-15

Walk 2, run3

Minutes 16-20

Walk 1, run4


Minutes 21-25

Walk 2 run 3

Minutes 26-30

Walk3 run2

Minutes 31-35

Walk 4 run1

Minutes 36-40

Cool down – walk it out, progressively slower each minute

I remember when I started, thinking how hard it was to run for 4 minutes without stopping. It seemed like it took forever and it took so much energy and effort. It is amazing how far we can come when we give ourselves a fair chance. I never would have dreamed that one day I would complete a race of any kind, nevermind a half marathon! But this routine really is what helped me get started. You never know, it might just help you too!

Peace and love to you,



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